has it really been a week already?

Well, on the penultimate day in Arusha, I am hoping to finally buy some souvenirs, and am trying to make sure I am prepared for my trip. I am flying to Zanzibar tomorrow, for 5 days, because I am too much of a princess to sit on the bus all day. I can’t wait to sit on the beach, go snorkeling, and just RELAX! I’ll post more pix later, as there are additional ones from Ngorongoro, and such. I’ve been in the middle of a real soap opera here, it turns out my Tanzanian boyfriend is NOT married, after all. He does have a 5 yo daughter, named Happy. Apparently she was one of those happy accidents that happens when people don’t use condoms. hahaha. Anyway, the person who told my friend that Danio’s married is a guy who has a crush on me, but never had the cojones to do or say anything about it. So he was particularly mad when the boss wouldn’t let him be the driver for our safari, and I wound up dating the driver we got. Alex is a wachapaji anyway, I’d rather be with Danio. OK, almost out of time at the internet cafe here, got some shopping to do.


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