Choking the Chicken…

is certainly a pastime enjoyed by boys the world over. After I took this picture, I explained to the boys what it signified. Highly amusing, given the depth of discussion we had regarding the practice, espeically with our translators. Some of them refused to beleive that it does not have any damaging side effects, no matter how many times we told them that quite the opposite is true. This week’s class was mostly boys, which was interesting, after two weeks of teaching mostly girls. What I liked about that, was being able to urge them to go home and practice putting on condoms themselves, something the girls can’t really do. There were some real class clowns in this group, which made for some highly entertaining role plays.


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  1. Loving your blog!
    Hi – What a fantastic advernture! I printed out your first few weeks and read them on my way back fro 36 hours in SF. Your folks are loving what you are doing. Your brother told my stepmother that you wanted to rent a motorcycle – your mother is in denial over this. see you when you are here! By the way the tire sandles were made in mexico in the 60s…xoxoxo dianne


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