Zaznibar pix are here…

Mostly museum pix, but some nice shots from the snorkeling trip, and lots of cute kiddies and kitties. It feels great to be back in NYC, except for the jet lag. Got to see the Whitney Biennial, which was awesome. Yes, there are always some artists that make you go “hmmm, who’d he/she blow to get into this gig?” but then there are some magnificent works as well, that make you go “hmmm, I wish I was super rich so I could buy this damn painting.” Someday…

Now it’s time for you to guess: was this photo taken at the Whitney, or at the museum in Zanzibar, which is not an art museum at all?

And here are pix from the Paris flea market, which I was so happy to be able to burn through in my >20 hours in Paris. In 3 hours, I ate a real crepe, bought some nifty yet grossly overpriced stuff, considered sleeping with the owner of this shop, (it was his idea, of course) in exchange for a stuffed crocodile, or really anything. It was the absolute cooolest place I’d ever seen. And to top it off, I found the leather jacket I’ve been looking for for months! It had to be adequately protective, as all my friends worry bout me riding in unarmored jackets, and it had to look cool and sexy. Oh, and be reasonably priced. Check all of the above! Pix of it in action when I return to my beloved, who has been patiently awaiting my return while bound securely to my garage floor.


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