Life with a parasite…

Well, after a week of running around like a madman, trying to get a million things done, I was stopped dead in my tracks by what may very well be an intestinal parasite. Blech. It’s been nice to be home, back on the bike, seeing the old friends, etc. And of course the side benefit of a parasite is that now I can wear all those pants that were too tight before. But then, all my other pants are now much too baggy in all the wrong places. Nothing really profound to say, perhaps later. I’m just grateful I got to eat brunch at my favorite restaurant and keep it down. It’s the little things that mean so much. Like seeing Ravens in wife beaters.

UPDATE! 6.26.06

It is Giardia, or “beaver fever” as the mountain men are fond of calling it. So I got the right drugs today, which should keep me from getting sick again. I got deathly ill again last week, then it seemed Cream of Wheat miraculously cured me. So I have discovered all kinds of delicious gourmet ways to prepare it. I finally found a real doctor, after my quack GP kept telling me “it’s probably something you ate.” This also led me to decide I should stop going to immigrant doctors since they’re only here to get rich. My gastroenterologist (chosen based solely on his last name, board certification, and affiliation with Cedars Sinai) is a sweet old Brooklyn Jew who still treats his patients the old fashioned way, with concern and care. Instead of me having to call his office and wait a few hours to hear back from a nurse, he actually called me as soon as he had the test results, left me a message and everything! Amazing. I wonder if Cedars subsidizes their doctors so they can continue to give pre-HMO era quality care. Cute lil bugger, ain’t he? After a little research, I’m starting to wonder if I didn’t get it here. Some people have told me that a stomach flu is going around, and there have been cases of giardia in US drinking water….


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  1. I meant to tell you, I love this picture and the thought of ravens in wife-beaters! Yummy Brunch. Thanks! xx -Heather


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