An Inconvenient Truth

Please go see it! It’s really very entertaining, educational, inspirational and lots of other good stuff. I managed to get tickets to the screening where Al Gore himself was around to answer a couple questions after, and that was really neat. The movie’s website is and on it there’s a ton of info about how each one of us can help slow global warming. I’m already doing what I can by subscribing to Green Power from the Los Angeles Dep’t of Water and Power. for only about $3 more per month, all my electricity comes from renewable sources. Not directly, of course, it just means they funnel more investment into them. Like the fields of Stirling-engine powered solar collectors they are installing now, which have zero emissions and are more effective than any other type of solar electricity device, including photovoltaic panels.

So you too can call up your power company and ask if they have green power. It’s so much easier than trading in the Hummer for a Prius, don’t you think? ;-P

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