Ahhh, the Vomitron….

Big thanks to Heathervescent for being the daredevil who wanted to do this. I’m a loyal sidekick, and was feeling a bit brave that night, so I did something I normally avoid like the plague. I went on a carnival ride. I hate rollercoasters, they shake my addled brain around too much, and carny rides are just scary for looking so decrepit. I took it all in stride, just along for the ride. Sam, an Air Force badass, wouldn’t even join us! We climbed into the little cage for two, my pillowcase/piece of lace dress slid up to reveal far more thigh than a lady should. Lucky for me the cage which protected us from being flung down Sunset Blvd. also protected me from prying eyes.


Once we got moving, I was scared. Scared silent, just like the last batch had been. Eyes closed, death grip on the bar across our laps. Then Heather said “It’s just like doing nitrous!” Which relaxed me instantly. Ahh, a pleasant childhood memory flooding back as the air rushed toward us and we were flung in circles, upside down, (you’re turning me, around and around you’re spinning me…) I got so into it, it was incredible, being flung back and forth in circles and upside down like that. The operator was a real artist, too. While waiting in line, we had enjoyed watching him massage the lever with giant flourishes far beyond what was necessary to get the motion he wanted. He was fabulous. Nothing better than loving what you do for a living and making sure you rock the house, no matter what it is.

After that, and the spinner ride which preceded it, I could barely walk. Too much movement made me nauseous, and Heather said she’d never seen me so white. Ah well, it was an adventure worth having. Made our way through the Sat. night Junction crowds and went straight home to bed, exhausted and spun out after getting all the endorphin rush of a nitrous high without actually having to do nitrous! After a long night’s sleep I rushed back to see “Off Color” and wander some more, see other friends, buy stuff. Took my friend Greg for the first time, and it was fun to see his reactions.


Monday morning riding to work, the Boulevard smelled foul, as it would after a fair. Life back to normal. It sucks that they charged a flat fee this year, and well, now that I know about it, I’m a little miffed that there was a VIP lounge (in my favorite restaurant, no less) and no one invited me…


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