On emulating our favorite racers…

We sportbikers occasionally wonder if watching professional races right before a ride drastically affects our riding style or not. On monday I discovered that, at least for my best friend George, it does. It all started when Dani Pedrosa, this snot-nosed anorexic dwarf, also known as “Asimo”, made the absolute most boneheaded mistake EVER made in GP history. Never before in a world championship series has anyone done something so stupid (don’t ask me, ask the pros at http://www.crash.net). On the penultimate race of the series, with only a 12 point advantage over his rival, Valentino Rossi, Nicky Hayden was doing his best to win that race. As were Rossi and Edwards, too. Pedrosa had a chance at the championship, if say, Rossi and Hayden and Melandri and Capirossi all DNF’ed a race or two, so yeah, he had a shot. Not. But something else he lacked was team orders. Normally, if one rider on the team has a REAL shot (as in leading almost the whole season) for the championship, the other team riders are instructed to do whatever they can to make sure their teammate wins. Not them, their teammate. Colin Edwards had team orders, and did a great job trying his damndest to keep the wolves off Rossi. Go Colin!!! Pedrosa, lacking official instruction, decided the championship would be his. Perhaps he thought he could make Hayden crash without crashing himself. Or something. Anyway, the damn fool did this, and I want to send a shout out to youtube, and an f-u to all the corporate vultures who want to sue them over stupid little clips like this. fer chrissake, we still watched it on TV or at motogp.com, so don’t even start.

I wasn’t even rooting for Hayden, you all know how much I love and adore Rossi, and have been gunning for him to win this championship. But not like this. This was the worst possible way for Hayden to DNF, being taken out by his very own teammate. I swear if it was me, there’d be little Pedrosa bits all over that gravel trap. Hayden earned even more respect by not reacting the way so many of us (especially Yates, eh?) would have. He took his anger out on the ground, then kept his abuse to a mere verbal barrage. Amazing show of restraint considering his chances of winning his first MotoGP title were damn near completely annihalated. By his teammate. That’s almost as bad as getting a nasty STD from your best friend via your spouse. And what was up with all those sattelite Hondas suddenly getting so fast? Roberts even boasted of how much faster his bike was with the new Honda motor. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the bikes were truly equal, and we could see just how good each rider is?

I’m never buying a Honda and will take this opportunity to encourage everyone (the handful of friends and family) reading this to do the same. They are a horrible company, and will most likely be the one responsible for inventing the robots that take over the world a la “Matrix”.

So, with that in mind, George and I went to Buttonwillow to do a track day in celebration of our friend Mark’s birthday. It was a wonderful day, we all had loads of fun. At one point George was complaining about how slow people were going into turn 1, and I replied with a “Yeah, I always panic at that turn, and go in too slow…” So in a subsequent session, who comes charging up the inside like he’s Dani Pedrosa….none other than George! Lucky for me, he cared enough to straighten it up and go off track in order to avoid hitting me! It was a bit too deja-vu, though. I kept thinking of the time he did that on 58, right in front of me, but not after a pass. He just thought it was a faster turn than it really was. At least this time there was no water tank to ride into, and he kept it upright. Phew! I didn’t make the Dani connection, though, that was George who pointed out that it was pretty much the same move, just with a more concientious outcome. Which was, of course, also far less disastrous.

And here’s Nicky’s interview…


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