another nifty dream

Well, there I was floating down the 280, en route to some job interview or something in Silicon Valley. I was so happy to be on the bus, so that I could sleep. It was so nice to curl up and sleep on the way to anywhere. Yet I was floating down the freeway, suspended in mid-air, almost as if I were riding an invisible and very comfortable motorcycle. I had something on my head, but I think it was just the wig, no helmet. I was wearing this lavender faille jacket I’d done while working at Betsey, like that was my good interview jacket. I had on some Rozae-style skirt, with a softly folded hem. I was happy for the chance to dress like a girl, as I always am when the opportunity arises. As I floated down the freeway, there was almost no traffic. A burgundy mid-80’s corrolla pulled alongside me and paced me. I looked over and saw two smiling Mexican ladies. The driver reached out to hand me the bobby pins which had fallen out of my wig as I floated down the freeway. I thanked her profusely and wondered how the hell she managed to collect them while driving. Did she stop and pick them up, or simply grab them as they flew by? So then I realized I had to transfer to the CalTrain at Daly City, and was kinda bummed cuz it meant I’d have to wake up enough to get from the bus (what bus?) to the train. The Daly City station was not like it is. It was just a simple little parking lot with a few busses going in and out. I had to be sure to get on the right bus. And then I really did have to wake up.

Marie Antoinette was two days ago, and still I’m dreaming in Baroque….I really do wish I could just walk around dressed like that (or rather, my version) all the time. Well, there’s always halloween. Even though once upon a time, every day was halloween…


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