Sweet 69

So I had some more entertaining dreams last night, but they were eclipsed by the glory of the day’s events. It was like that soothing, pervasive sense of peace that comes shortly after one’s very first taste of liquor. I feel like all is right with the world, the planets are in alignment, and we can all rest peacefully tonight. Nicky Hayden won the MotoGP championship today. OK, so Rossi crashing made it easier. But thank f-in god he got back in it. Nothing would have been more boring and disappointing than for Rossi to DNF. Yes, I love Rossi and always will, but really, with 3 DNF’s and all kinds of other horrendously bad luck this season, someone else had to win the championship, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Obviously he was the better rider over Melandri and Capirossi, and of course that turd who thought he had a chance. It may have dampened the excitement of Rossi’s comeback, but it is still the season which proves just how much greater than the rest Rossi really is. I wonder what Rossi will do with all the championship commemoration tees he had made up this year. Save ’em for next year, I guess.

Nathaniel and I rounded up a nice sized group, and we rode the fun way to Newcomb’s to check out their new plasma screen. It was like 70″ or something! Now if only Speed channel would stop being such cheap bastards and buy the high-quality feed from MotoGP so we could actually be able to tell the damn bikes apart, that would be something! I swear, the MotoGP coverage was better in East Africa than here. So, the minute I pull out of the parking lot, to ride home alone, a cop happens to round the bend and be on my ass immediately. It’s like they all have some R1 magnet built into the cars. So I pulled off into some camping road and he kept going. He was waiting for me further down the road, but I knew he would, even though the cruiser riders ahead of me were probably drunk. Grrr. So he didn’t try to follow me, as there were a couple bikes with me at the time. Then we caught up to a slow line of bikes. It was OK, but when they all went straight at 90 mile road, I simply had to turn and go my own way. It was a lovely ride home, no stupid cops trying to mess with me, no traffic, just the gorgeous mountains, awesome roads and the greatest bike a girl could want.


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