Ducati always throws the best parties…

So Ducati North America had a fashion show at (far as I can tell) each Ducati dealership in the country on Saturday night. I went to the coolest one, owned by my friends Christine and JJ. They hired some swanky PR guy to bring it all together and it was faaaabulous. There were celebrities, there were pro racers, there were bikers, it was all good. One of the gogo dancers is actually the ex-GF of a famous MotoGP racer, John Hopkins, so that only added to the excitement. The fashion show was silly, but I liked when they artfully applied grease to the male models’ bare chests while the rest of their bodies were clad in race leathers. mmmm, dirty boyz… Met the producers of Superbikes and told them how much I love the show. For real people, I like that show. And I won’t apologize for it neither! I won’t tell you what the writer suggested all the haters do…

After George and I grabbed a quick bite at PF Changs, he went directly to the after party at Xenii, and I made a pit stop at my favorite monthly club, Bootie LA. There I caught one of the few live bands I’ve ever seen that actually impressed me. I hate watching bands, it’s so boring. But “Blasphemous Guitars” did an amazing mash-up called “Whole Lotta Lovecats” It took awhile to get going, but once it reached the crescendo it was awesome! I’d highly recommend checking them out. Did a little bootie-shakin’ then started getting curious about Xenii. This after-hours club (speakeasy, really) is membership-only and you can see how ridiculously expensive it is here: http://www.xenii.com/membership/levels.html It’s a bargain for the practicing alcoholic who doesn’t like to drink alone, as that price includes all the booze you can drink for 5 hours each night. But for a teetotaler like me, it’s a waste.

It was fun going to such a chi-chi place and saying “I’m on the guest list” and actually being treated as such. The club was decorated with Ducatis, and all the projections were motorcycle related, so that was cool. They hosted a stunt show by Jason Britton and some of his crew, which was made all the more exciting by the thick layer of dust on the lot (making it more slippery) and the puddle right in the middle of the braking zone. I was glad to finally see the club, without having to pay for anything, so now I know I’m not missing much. Yeah, I met some tall guy who said he was a b-ball player, and Tyrese was there pimping his new album, but really I prefer clubs that get going earlier. Haven’t left a club at 4 am in a lonnnnnnng time! But it was neat (and kinda sad) seeing all the people outside clamoring to get in as I left. Amazing what a little hype can do for a place.

Later there may be some pix up here: http://beverlyhillsducati.com/

In other news, I just closed a credit card account!!! I had a hard time letting it go, the limit was so high it seemed like a fortune at my fingertips, but when I heard about how Bank of America treated one of their customers like a criminal for merely asking them to verify if the check he’d been given was fraudulent, I am glad to be rid of them. I still have one more, and I’m not ready to let it go. At least not until the interest rate goes above zero….


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