I’ve been tagged…

by HeatherVescent. To qoute the guy who tagged Heather: “The idea is to share 5 things about yourself that your friends and blog readers may not know. Then you tag 5 people and spread the game around. Jeff Pulver calls it a virtual cocktail party. Sounds more like a chain letter game of “I’ve Never” to me. But hey, I’m in.”

5 things you probably don’t know about me:

1. this is hard, I talk about myself too much….

1. I used to be painfully shy and incapable of telling people what’s on my mind.

2. At the age of 14 I discovered existential philosophy and my big goal in life (for a few months) was to be a starving artist in a garret. Until I heard about fashion school.

3. I’m an INFJ no matter how many times I take the test to try and make it come out as ISTP

4. I played with Barbies well past the normal age, and still kinda do, except now I’m making clothes for real women instead of dolls.

5. My biggest (the one I pursued the longest) dream growing up was to be an olympic figure skater.


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