Not like I ever make them, but I really would like to be more like my friend Zina, in that she posts every day, whether she has something profound to say or not. And it’s always entertaining, even if she’s just talking about her dog or something. That’s cool. In related news, I picked up a copy of the Paris Review that someone left on the free book table. I’d heard of it, and know it’s quite a badge of honor to be published in it, so I was glad to have one fall into my lap. I grabbed the “New Writers” issue and am enjoying it so far. I think if this business school plan falls through I could make that a goal. Maybe not so much the Paris Review, at least not at first. But to get paid to write (again), that would be neat.

It’s raining in Arusha and set to rain in San Francisco. I could stay in LA and just be cold, instead of cold and wet. But I won’t. It’s back to the ancestral home, again. With a significantly damaged Chocolate Raspberry Fortress cake that didn’t quite survive the trip across town. On my motorcycle. It should fare better in the car on the trip north. Called Danio to tell him to check his e-mail and it was weird how close he seemed, with the familiar background noises of the city no different than any other busy place.

As for 2007, I have intentions, not resolutions. Intention is far more potent. I intend to ace the MBA math prep class I’m starting next month. I intend to sell my condo by June. I intend to matriculate into Berkeley’s MBA program in September. I intend to continue taking excellent care of myself and my fat cat, particularly by eating more delicious raw vegan chocolate treats. And continue to ride the piss out of my favorite motorcycle. Other than that, I’m open to whatever happens.



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