the year in review..

Notable events this year:

Stood up by a “friend” on New Years Eve last year. So I’m just going to spend the night with the one person I can always count on. me.

Taught hundreds of Los Angeles teens about safe sex and the opportunity costs of teen pregnancy.

Saw some great movies.

Ate more than 10 pounds of chocolate and actually LOST weight.

Although the weight loss was more a result of the little hitchiker I picked up in Tanzania…

Did a trackday at Laguna, as well as plenty of others.

Went to both of my brother’s weddings, in Atlanta and San Francisco.

Bought a slammin’ new Tempurpedic bed. Which I’m currently spending way too much time in, but then I won’t be able to sleep 12 hours a day when work starts. Although I seem to be mostly dreaming about work, so not sure how restful it really is.

Presented a paper on the interstitial nature of motorcycling in Los Angeles at the Popular Culture Association conference in Atlanta.

Went to Tanzania for a month…
Taught safe sex to dozens of African teens
Visited the birthplace of humanity, Ngorongoro conservation area
Made some awesome friends
Snorkeled in the Indian Ocean, off Zanzibar
Immersed myself in another culture
Taught a patternmaking workshop in Tanzania
Learned a little Swahili
Did some power shopping in Paris

Graduated from Antioch University

Workin’ and makin’ money

Studied my ass off and got a decent score on the GMAT. Let’s just hope the admissions councils agree…

Applied to Berkeley and UNC’s MBA programs. Now on pause until they notify me sometime in the next month…

Rode to Laguna Seca MotoGP and finally met Rossi. Met Melandri and a few other interesting people too. Was lucky enough to score a pit suite, which would have been a bargain at twice the price, in that heat wave.

Discovered how much I love to be on stage…

Interviewed at UNC

Bought some slammin’ new shoes, had a fabulous purse made from the zebra skin I bought in Tanzania, which has garnered tremendous praise. And made out like a bandit at a few sample sales.

Dealt with some ancient familial angst regarding Christmas and with the help of some wonderful people in my life, managed to make it the best Christmas in ages.

Slept more this week than I have all month, it seems. And oooohhh, was it nice.


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