Fabulous dreams

So there I was complaining about dreaming about work all week…I told myself, tonight, self, we’re dreaming about something FUN! No more deadlines, no more hassles, no more pressure. When I go to sleep I want to have fun, dammit! And damned if I didn’t get invited to a slammin’ party! It was this huge banquet, with all these tables of food, in some ancient Catholic church. I wandered around a bit, saw some friend, played the social butterfly. My parents were there, as well as some people I knew from work, but it was a bona-fide party. Stacey gave me this awesome Cartier bracelet to wear, since she’s a PR rep and has connections like that.

The bracelet was wood, with some pink diamonds on it, and the clasp was a little weird. I couldn’t get the security clasp to work, and wound up just re-designing it. What good is a dream if you can’t make it up as you go along? I wandered through the buffet tables, then decided on some white caviar, as I’d never seen white caviar before. Something caught my attention, and when I returned to the caviar table, the waiter had just cleared it. So I had to order some. Took forever, but it finally came and I guess I ate it. The only thing I really remember eating was the extra cheeses I ordered, not having seen the cheese table. Oops. Everyone was supposed to pitch in $15, and some didn’t, and I owed extra because of the cheese, so in the end settling the bill was a hassle.

But what was really cool is that in this Catholic church, they were finally allowing a female priest to “perform” (forgot the right word) the ceremony! Perhaps that’s what the party was all about. It was the first time, after all. I was so stoked that one of the most pig-headed religious sects had decided to get with the program and join the modern wold. I wondered if they’d finally seen the light about anything else, like birth control. But then I joined my parents in the tiny chapel off to the side. It was boring and stuffy in there, and I realized that these were the people who, like my parents so many years ago with the Episcopalian church, didn’t want change. I was torn between staying with my folks and joining the party. Yet in reality, I had no trouble making that choice. The minute I was confirmed, and my soul was in my hands, I stopped going to church. I still have my doubts about this whole “soul” concept anyway.


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