Be careful what you wish for…

Because last night’s intentional dreaming went so well, I told myself to dream of romance tonight. I think I need to be more specific next time. It was weird and kinda boring. I was at this “resort” in the middle of Manhattan I’d been to in previous dreams. It was in the jewlery district, and I was wearing a gigantic emerald-cut diamond ring someone (a close friend, actually) had given me. I didn’t think it was an engagement ring, since we’re not friendly like that. But it was a bigun, that’s for sure.

I wanted to know if it was really a diamond, so I asked one of the gnarled little old men working in a fine jewelery shop to have a look at it. He told me to just try cutting glass with it, and that bothered me because here I was, standing in front of a professional, and all he had to do was give it a good once-over. Instead he’s telling me to do something I’ve always known I could do. I was hesitant, but a piece of glass presented itself, so I tried. It kinda broke, but not all the way through. So I was still unsure. Then there was some boring wandering through various stone dealer’s shops, trying to find someone who’d give me a proper appraisal of the stone.

Then I happened to wander to the pool area and ran into my friends Britt and Jean Marc. Who are married, and one of those “Ideal biker couples” I admire. So I guess that’s the romance part of the dream. Either that or I’m so materialistic that the ring is all I need? And where was my concern for the poor miners in all of this? Is my subconscious really so heartless that it only cares about the veracity of the diamond and not the social responsibilty of its origins?

It was really funny seeing Jean Marc, because he’d grown his hair out and dyed it to be just like Britt’s. So now he looked like some surfer dude with streaked long blond hair. We hung out for a spell, shooting the breeze. Then I had to walk down some street to find something. Don’t remember much more, as is often the case when the alarm wakes you 3 hours ahead of your natural wake-up time.

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