The Alchemist…

This book was suggested to me by a few people. Already having a 3 foot pile of books I intend to read, I bought the audio version. Unabridged, but still much less work than reading. I prefer reading, but really don’t have the time. So it’s nice to be able to tear through an entire book while hunched over the grindstone, working away.

Great book, by the way. Inspirational story about a boy who follows his heart, doing exactly what he wants and chasing a dream. Fabulously funny ending. Got me thinking, as my stomach clenched into knots while doing the same job I tired of years ago…

What did I dream of as a child, before I started listening to people who said “You can’t do that!”?

Well, two major dreams have always stayed with me:

1) To fall in True Love, just like in all the fairy tales (including The Alchemist), with someone who feels the same.

2) To travel the Universe, meeting citizens of many exotic planets.

Most days, #2 seems a far easier task than #1. Traveling the Earth is certainly an acceptable substitute for interstellar travel, until the opportunity presents itself. Lord knows Tanzania certainly felt like a completely different planet! I’m not interested in blowing my wad on some cheesy trip to the moon with Richard Branson, no. As much as we’ve done with technology here in the past century, I don’t see humans propelling themselves beyond the solar system in my lifetime. No, instead I’ll steal from one of my all-time favorite authors, Douglas Adams. But instead of sticking out an electronic thumb, as did Ford Prefect, I’ll just send the call out on the ethernet here. No, I’m not crazy, just open-minded. So hey, if you’re from another planet, and you happen to be reading this, hit me up. I’m curious. Show me your spaceship, Zaphod! I recently discovered the new Dr Who, on BBC, and damn, it’s cool. I want to be Rose. But more stylin’. And with fewer trips to Earth. But then, I guess it’s cheaper for them to just shoot on Earth and in studios done up like spaceships than to create all kinds of realistic alterna-planet sets.

It’s not like any of this has to happen tomorrow, I’m even over the idea that I need to fall in love by a certain age, but you know, it’s gotta happen someday. What was neat about The Alchemist is that the closer he got to his goal, the more impossible it was to stop the quest. For quite some time now I have been convinced that I am put where I need to be when I need to be there, and it’s been good. But now that I’m waiting to hear from Berkeley and UNC and it’s getting down to the nail-biting wire, I am considering my other options. A wonderful one just blossomed, and it’s nice to know that there’s a small window of opportunity for me to do something I desperately want to do. It’s not #1 or #2, but would certainly involve travel to Africa and well, you all know how I feel about African men…



    • Re: I just
      yeah, it’s a great book! It was so cool seeing you and all the Gigsville gals at Bootie! Heather told me that at one point half the stage was Gigsvillians!


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