The best Valentine’s Day EVER!

Having finally learned to revel in my spinsterhood, I honestly don’t care anymore that I never have romance on the big day. BFD. This is the first year I have been able to experience it for what it is, just another Hallmark (cards) holiday. No different than St. Patrick’s day or Cinco de Mayo being celebrated by people who aren’t even Irish or Mexican, really. I was even able to wear a spirited red DESI(RED) t-shirt. The only reason I even wanted to venture out of the house is that my favorite restaurant, Cru, was promoting a special menu with rose petal stuff and truffle oil (which, it turns out, I don’t like, but the chocolate pot de creme was off the hook!) so I wanted to try their special menu. I rounded up another brave spinster, and we had a wonderful evening! It didn’t hurt that I also got some nice compliments from some relatively attractive men that evening. It’s such a relief to be free from that burden of feeling the need to fit in.


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