I had so much fun being on stage last October, that I decided to do it again. This time we chose “Material Mickey” Guess who was the Material Girl? Perhaps the one with the most rhinestones and pink satin gowns collecting dust in her closet? I made the mistake of second-guessing what I’d done with my hair and let someone else fuck with it at the last minute. I didn’t like it even more, but was too polite to say anything, and everyone else said it was fine. Lesson to self: do not pay attention to what other people say when your inner voice is screaming something else. Do what you feel is best, especially in matters that concern no one else. It was my hair, I was the one who woke up too early the next morning thinking about how I wish I’d just kept it as I had. Of course the pink satin eclipses all else, but it’s the act of ignoring my inner voice that pisses me off. It wasn’t as fun as last time, and was over too quickly. I don’t think I’ll be doing it again. But I will find other ways to wear my gowns, that’s for damn sure. More pics from the show here:



  1. You gotta get over yourself, girl–clearly the person with the CAMERA thought you were the center of attention! You owe it to your fans to keep performing.


    • aaaw, thanks Lon! The GCI just wasn’t as entertaining without you this year, but at least I learned the secret of how to eat grilled cheese without waiting in line. How’s Colorado? Or was it Utah? It’s 3:40 am and I just got home from a night out on SF. I better shut up now and go to sleep.


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