A moment of freedom

Beyond exhausted, after a long day of purging old junk, getting hundreds of magazines (I thought I’d never be able to live without) down from the attic into the vehicles of two very grateful recipients. I love that there’s someone who needs what I’m finally willing to let go of, when I’m ready to let it go. All this was preceded by a long night out on the town, and followed by a couple hours spent trying to fill the void left by abandoning 3 trash bags full of clothes at Goodwill (clothes I will never wear again, and which will make someone else very happy).

So retarded tired I drove a 5 mile loop around San Francisco before getting on the 280. I was conscious enough to know I couldn’t handle 101 traffic in my condition. Exited Black Mountain Road, as usual, and noticed stars out the corner of my eye. Yes! It’s dark enough here! I have been needing to see more stars lately. Decided to pull over just before the stop sign. Got out, turned all the car’s lights out and just stared up at that gorgeous sky. It wasn’t even 8:00 yet, but there were so many more stars than one ever sees in LA, even though there is enough light pollution nearby. I love staring out into the night sky, wondering what the hell everyone else is up to. I sense a universe teeming with life, activity, excitement. It’s like staring at city lights from a distant suburban place, knowing something incredibly cool is going on there, if only I could get there and participate. The frogs croaking nearby were upstaged by the rythmic, guttural growl of a Ducati approaching from 280. As the rider approached I smiled, feeling a sense of cameraderie with this stranger also enjoying my favorite road, in my favorite manner. Meanwhile I’m sure he felt nothing of the sort, at the sight of a disheveled woman standing by a Prius with “Sober Mom” plates. Probably figured I was taking a breather from the kids. Hardly. Had to recharge before heading out to shake my bootie at (finally!) BootieSF!


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