Woohoo!!!! I’m goin’ to North Carolina!!!

Yaaaaa!!! I got into a really good school! Special thanks go out to my fabulous teachers, Ramon Vasconcellos and Byung S. Hong for your wonderful recommendation letters. I am sure they helped influence UNC’s decision. I will certainly miss LA, especially all the awesome friends I have made these past few years, and California, and city life in general. But I expect to be too busy wrapping my brain around the deeper complexities of managing a sustainable business to notice the lack of diversions. Although there are a couple big diversions nearby, Virginia Int’l Raceway only 50 miles away, and the infamous Deal’s Gap a bit farther off…


Dear Susanna:

We are delighted to offer you admission to the UNC Kenan-Flagler full-time MBA class entering August 2007. Congratulations on this achievement and on your superior accomplishments and academic performance. For a more personal message from me, please visit: http://www.congratsmba.unc.edu.

At UNC Kenan-Flagler, you will find a rigorous, industry-relevant curriculum led by faculty acclaimed for their teaching skills and world class research. An experienced team of career coaches will help you present your best package to the employers you target. Our energetic student services staff will facilitate activities and support you in our dynamic community. And, you will spend the next two years in beautiful Chapel Hill, noted as one of the most desirable locations for quality of life. It is no wonder that UNC Kenan-Flagler is rated tops in student satisfaction!



  1. oh, congrats!!! I’m so sorry you are leaving our neck of the woods, but when you start that sustainable business, let me know! (I’m taking some grad school classes in engineering over the next two semesters to try and get out of IT and back into engineering, with the goal of working on sustainable fuel.)


  2. Thanks you guys! X, I will be at your party Sat. night, it sounds like a lot of fun! Gayathri, I’m so glad you’re getting into the sustainable fuel field, it’s really booming!


    • thanks! Contrary to popular opinion, it’s entirely feasible to operate a business sustainably without pain or loss of profit. I can’t wait to learn how! So how was SXSW? Were you surrounded by nubile, adoring groupies? I finally made it to Bootie SF, but it wasn’t the same being at DNA without you.


      • You may be right, but my slogan is more poetic. So there.
        It turns out that at SxSW, the cube was a real guy magnet! I’ll try to post a full travelogue when I recover.


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