wanderin’ around

Walked all over Manhattan today, one of my favorite pastimes. Wandered into an adorable little cafe/ record store (yes, those old vinyl things that old-timey people used to listen to music on) on the Lower East Side where I swear, every single person was on an Apple. Then I took a closer look and noticed one girl was on a silver Dell. She was promptly ejected from the cafe for not being artsy enough.

Nah, but it was still funny seeing all those iBooks at work. Now it’s time to get crack-a-lakin’ on the ol’ Math for Mgmt. Final. I can’t wait till this is over, but then it’ll all start up again, more intensely, in July. Sigh.

Went into Jeffrey, because I had to. Didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without except some “black” (which somehow makes them 10 times costlier!) opal/moonstone earrings. Whatever. They also sold and very effectively pushed the manufactured (Gemesis) diamonds, in the form of a GORGEOUS pair of earrings from (damn, I forgot her name already!) More about that later. Erin has this book I want to read: “Consumerism In World History, The Global Transformation of Desire” How cool is that? I can learn more about the cult I’ve belonged to my whole life.

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