Atlanta, in the springtime…

I really should have more to say these days. Been busy livin’ it. I’ve been in NYC for a few days, and in ATL since Thursday AM. Met a family of 3 kids whose father unequivocally convinced me to get permanent birth control, even if I never have sex again. Saw what JFK might look like if all of NYC suddenly decided to leave at once. Both were excellent reasons to never fly Delta again.

But before all that, I had some fun in NYC, spent a lot of time with the elusive Eunice, and got to visit with some other friends I don’t get enough of, which was awesome. Met the spawn of Jennifer & Peter, who is the cutest 6-month old boy I’ve ever met. I think it’s cuz he gets to hang out with dad all day. Not that mom is bad company, just that I think he digs doing guy things with dad, and being one of the guys, you know. It’s so cool. Met Allyn and Matt’s spawn, who’s only 2 months old, so I tried to keep my distance.

You see, I have this nasty sinus infection I got psychosomatically from listening to Erin tell me about the one that almost rendered her brain dead, and necessitated some Matrix-esque device to scoop out the nastiness, followed by having her deviated septum repaired, then a week spent with maxi tampons up her nose. I have been avoiding this fabulous experience for years now. After all, I have a perfectly good mouth I can breathe through. She said the infection was exascerbated by the deviation. Whatever. But if anyone knows a DAMN GOOD Otolaryngologist in LA, lemme know. I should have Blue Cross pay for it before I move out of state, since they denied me coverage due to this “deviated septum” pre-existing condition. So I continued their coverage via Cal-COBRA, instead of switching to individual. Fuckers.

OK, so ATL is gorgeous as always. I love it here. I seem to usually come in springtime, and even though the pollen count is something like 5,000, I don’t care. It’s gorgeous and I’m only allergic to golf, I mean grass, anyway. Someone on Metroblogging here pointed out that “It’s so gross. It’s like the trees are basically having sex all over us.” But I don’t think it’s gross, I think it’s awesome. More love from the trees, please. And if they’re trying to dump enough pollen-bombs to overpower all that we’ve done to overpower them, I say more power to them! But then, I don’t have vehicles parked outside.

Went to Martin Luther King center, which was difficult because I get all choked up at the slightest reminder of what he and so few other brave souls went through to secure civil rights. It was beautiful though. We went across the street and toured the original Ebenezer Baptist Church he used to preach at, and if I can get up early enough after a Saturday night in ATL with lots of fresh young college basketball players running amok, I’ll join my parents at the 11:AM service tomorrow.

Tonight was a big party for Colleen’s parents’ 50th wedding Anniversary. 50 years. They first met when she was 13, he was 15. Fell in love, got married, living happily ever after. Amazing. My parent’s 50th is next year. They’ll be 74. 50 years from now, I’ll be 87. That’s almost 90. Perhaps gene therapy will enable me to still chase after (and catch) basketball players… Or perhaps I’ll actually do that whole falling in love and living happily ever after thing. People don’t understand me when I say that. They think I mean life will be a bed of roses. I know it won’t, no matter what, life does have its bad times. But the couples I refer to as “living happily ever after” (and I know a few of them) are able to meet these challenges together, and wouldn’t dream of abandoning their partner, nor would they fool around on them. It’s really beautiful to see.


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