The Doctor, The Tornado, and The Kentucky Kid…

OOoooohh! I got to meet the director of this illustrious documentary! Because I’m a true aficionado, I’m on their mailing list, so when they were having a screening at Cinespace, I was one of the few to find out about it. No mention on the website or even on Cinespace’s website. But I rounded up the troops, Nathaniel and Frank, and we had a grand time! Cinespace serves decent grub too, and it was nice doing the whole restaurant/movie thing. They answered questions after, and my burning question (although Frank beat me to it!) was why is there so little “Doctor” in this movie? Well, it turns out that even if you’re some big mucky-muck documentarian who’s already made a kick-ass doc. about MotoGP racers, Dorna or Rossi’s management, or both, were terrified of spies and misrepresentation, so they kept Rossi under wraps. Kinda how G-Dubya stays off the interwebs and apparently doesn’t even have an e-mail address. God forbid someone accuse him of actually reading that penile enlargement ad. Our country’s street cred would go right out the window. OK, back to DTK, it’s a great movie. Rent it. Buy it. Better yet, buy “Faster” as well. It’s also great.


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