Road trip!!!

OK, so here’s the plan…

Leave LA June 12th, Stop in Vegas to watch Ka, hang out in lavish American excess for a couple days.

Pass through Phoenix quickly, making a mad dash for the artist’s colony/resort in Marfa, TX. Former location of the world’s most isolated Prada store. Spend a couple days soakin’ up some culture!

Try to get through TX without getting shot at for all my pro-choice and anti-bush bumper stickers…

Stop in that oasis of coolness, where the town slogan is: “Keep Austin weird!” (Thanks XTC for the reminder!

Visit New Orleans for the first time! Stay a few days and check it out…

OK, change of plans. No Atlanta, because there’s a track day at Barber in Birmingham, AL on June 24th. Only 7 spots left in the intermediate group, and it’s only $195!!! Who’s in? Sign up at

Then, Arrive in Chapel Hill on the 25th…

6/12 Vegas: 270
6/13 Tuscon?:
6/14 Marfa: 930
6/16 Austin: 453
6/18 New Orleans: 508
6/22 Birmingham: 342
6/24 Chapel Hill 527

Total miles: 3030



    • Re: Hmmm
      Oooh, yeah! Great idea! Funny thing that google wanted me to go through S.A. when it’s 6 miles shorter to go through Austin… Cool! I’ll keep you posted on the itenerary, and hope to coincide my arrival with something fun to do. Any hotel recommendations for me, my cat and our sidekick would be welcome too…


  1. just got your evite.
    YOU are going to change the world, girlfriend!
    bill and I will try and make your shindig but we’re in escrow on a house in echo park! so we’re a wee frantic as well. love chapel hill- great thrift stores!


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