Stop burning our park!!!!

Motherfucker. Lemme at him! I’ll show that bastard what happens to scumbags who destroy the single greatest source of oxygen in this oxygen-deprived city. If I had the power, I’d reach down his throat, tear out his lungs and rip them up into tiny pieces. Then perhaps he might understand the importance of oxygen, and why we all enjoy breathing so much. I took this picture on the way home from work today. I assumed it was some careless, stupid smoker, but apparently it was some terrorist loser asshole trying to ruin it for the park and for the rest of us trying to eke out a living in this semi-arid desert. Only my flue is open, and I can smell the smoke, even though it’s blowing away from where I live. Or was an hour ago. I hate when people burn trees, and this is the THIRD fire we’ve had in Griffith Park this season, and it’s not even summer yet! Grrrr.

More here:

Here’s one of the park in happier times, after a big rainfall:


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