New places

Saw Hoover Dam and Lake Mead for the first time. Gorgeous. Only time I’ve ever been happy to get stuck behind a slowpoke. Crashed at Yaron’s friend’s place in Phoenix. Got on the road and figured we’d make Marfa by 5. Didn’t realize we’d be passing so many time zones, though. Chick in Las Cruces told us it was 6 hours to Marfa, and we thought she was crazy. It took us only 4 hours, but we lost 2 in the time zone changes, since we’d left AZ on Pacific time that morning. The drive was great, especially since Yaron did most of it. All about Marfa tomorrow….it’s a wonderful place…


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  1. Hello Beauty
    Hello Beautiful!!! Oh my gosh, I thought you left LA a week ago. It looks like you just left. This is so cool, I love reading now and look forward to more of your trip. So freeken cool. You are so lucky I wish I were there! Well on to the next great adventure! Luv, Ardemis


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