Austin Saturday night

So cool. So fun. Such a wild party town. So much experienced in so few hours. Met Joe Bob Briggs at a screening of “Mom and Dad” at the Alamo. It was so cool. He presented and explained it, it’s this old exploitation film that was billed as “sex ed” in the 40’s and 50’s. Yet they don’t actually educate anyone, except about how babies are made, and the vile effects of syphilis and gonhorrhea. Nothing about condoms, though. So sad. But the scary part is that half a century later, most Americans are being taught pretty much the same thing. “Be a good girl” Like, when she got knocked up, all anyone had to say was “She’s in Trouble” and everyone knew exactly what was meant. Crazy. Only one guy, the smartest one in town, said “What kind of trouble?” Jeesh


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