Austin Monday, and Tuesday

Took Yaron to SoCo for a little more shopping. It’s so great, all the shops are completely different. We had a delicious brunch, worked up a sweat walking in the sun, then went to Barton Springs for a nice, cool dip. It was great! Barton Springs is a small lake created around some natural springs, it’s a lovely place to be on a hot, humid afternoon. Later we met up with Wubba, Rose, and Katy and drank iced coffee on the porch, then went for a rockin’ ride in his LeSabre convertible, to have dinner on a lake, it was so fun!

This morning we got up early. The worst thing about using an alarm clock, is that it usually cuts off a dream in mid-sequence. So there I was, in the middle of getting my Tarot cards read in Los Feliz, after having walked around my old hood there for a bit, when I was rudely awakened. But it was good, because we were able to get it together and leave Austin in time. Arrived in Baton Rouge at 9pm to find that 90% of the hotels are fully booked. I thought it was some kind of conspiracy, so I had Yaron call some, and we eventually found one. It reeks of air freshener because we got stuck with a smoking room. bleh. Drove through a ton of bad weather and traffic, but we made it.


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