Rob Brezny sez….

ARIES (March 21-April 19): We’re almost halfway through 2007. It’s time
to take inventory of how well you’re capitalizing on this year’s unique
opportunities. So let me ask you, Aries: Have you been making
reconnaissance missions into previously forbidden territory? Are you
seeking adventures beyond the borders of your known world? I hope so. I
hope you’re blowing your own mind on a regular basis, both by exposing it
to ideas it has never dared to entertain and by seeking out exotic
experiences it has no precedents for.

Ummmm, yeah! I spent almost a week in Texas and actually liked it! Even met a bunch of people I really liked, and even the people I met in the “regular” towns (Not Austin or Marfa, liberal oases) were nice. As for exotic experiences, well, I should get out and see more of New Orleans, but for some reason I just want to stay in my hotel room. Wandered around the Arts district today, got an awesome mani/pedi, went out on the town with Yaron and some locals. But left after only one set cuz Jazz kinda bores me to death. Yet I even walked right past a reggae club, as one of my favorite songs poured out onto the street. New Orleans is definitely “beyond the borders of your known world” but I’m not quite brave enough to seek adventure here. Not sure what it is. Could be the press coverage. Could be it’s such a drinking town (being a motorcyclist, I like to be off the roads when the drunkards are out). Could be I just long for the New Orleans of Anne Rice, knowing that reality can never come close. Bleh. No point trying to define it, it’s just a feeling.


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