OMG. I’m so beat

Currently glued to my sofa in my new apartment. Going backwards: 3 1/2 people (I was the 1/2, since I was paying them) spent 2 hours unloading the truck. Which arrived at 8:30 AM. Dropped Yaron at train station in Durham. Slept at LOVELY Hampton Inn. Sushi dinner in Charlotte, a really cool little city. Drove (Yaron did, actually) through a kick-ass major thunderstorm. More than once, as it was goin’ our way, and we stopped to get Yaron some cowboy boots in Commerce, GA. Where we met the next Marilyn Monroe. Adorable 17 y.o. whose mom seems to have her on a very short leash. Very amusing. Spent the night in Atlanta with Bob and Sheila, amazingly delish brunch at Alpha Soda. Yum. Missed fresh veggies after being in the deep south where they sure know how to ruin vegetables. Esp. at Cracker Barrel, where we had dinner the night before. My god. No wonder all those people are 300+ lbs. and hate vegetables. When they’re used to having them ruined, I can see why they choose the junk food.

Barber. More about that later. Motorcycle heaven. Wish I had the stamina to ride more than 4 sessions. Wish I lived there. Want to have my wedding there. A nice ceremony in the museum, overlooing the track, in conjunction with a track day there. Looks like I won’t be missing Laguna as much as I’d feared.

Didn’t see Birmingham, but rode from NO to Jackson, MS so Yaron could give a friend a ride to Jackson. It was fun being on the bike again, and we had a nice lunch in Jackson at the Beagle Bagel, where their chicken salad is poised to take over the world. MMmmm. Poor bike is seriously thrashed, though, from being outside in all the storms we drove through. Kinda makes me wish I had a van. Not sure how I’m gonna deal with leaving all my children out in the elements all the time here. NOBODY seems to have indoor or even covered parking around here. I took my ipod nano out of the car and it almost burned a hole in my back pocket, after only 2 hours. no bueno. apt. is fine, some of my stuff is damaged from the move, gonna hire some pros next time.


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