On running away from school

Not that I actually would, but damn, it was tempting at Laguna. The sun, the people, the fun, the racing, the lucky VIP access, the whole shebang. I wasn’t even mad (until Sunday night, really) that I didn’t have a Red Bull VIP pass. I thought “sheeeit, who needs Burning Man?” I’m sure MotoGP fulfills the same need for solidarity within a subculture, and it’s actually held in a climate designed to support life. I hate the desert. At least Black Rock City is temporary. Cities built in deserts with no real water source are scary as all hell.

But enough about that. Today I ran out of the Statistics test crying. Sobbed uncontrollably because I don’t even know where to begin with that shit and the teacher is too educated to explain it to a Liberal Arts grad. But I arranged for a tutor, so that should help. I’m buying “Statistics for Dummies” tomorrow to get a start. I can look at this as just a more intellectually challenging version of what happened in fashion school.

When I started, I was like all the rest of the fashion students. “Why do we need to know this patternmaking shit? We’re gonna hire people to do this!!!” I hated it, it was boring and tedious and entirely too quantitative. But then once we got the basics down, turns out I was really good at it. So good I got paid to do it for the last 14 years. Now stat is a lot harder to learn than patternmaking, but I’m going to hold onto this idea. Besides, I kick ass in Accounting and Finance, my other 2 classes this summer!

Oh, and in other news, I rode home in pouring rain and didn’t die. Didn’t even slide even a tiny little bit, and I’m on tires that are seriously not designed for rain. It was interesting. There’s this weenie in my building that considers himself a biker because he has a motorcycle parked on his patio. He pops up entirely too often and gives me shit about riding when it’s too hot, or might rain, etc. I laughed and told him it was only 30% chance, but next time he comes out with one of his retarded comments I may just have to say “If you hate riding so much, why not sell your bike?” I mean really. Most weenies have enough ego to keep it to themselves.

Here’s Laura (Rossi’s PR rep) telling me some unspeakable truth about Rossi…


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