Gorgeous Mountain town. Charming, hip (as in hippie!), and lively. Stayed at an awesome B&B on the north end of town, The Old Reynolds Mansion, because they have a hot tub. It cost an extra $50 for the hot tub room, but it sure was nice! I really miss my hot tub, lounging in there after a long ride, gazing up at the stars. Weren’t many stars out, as it was too foggy. But the fireflies did their best to compensate. I went there specifically to see Rasputina, and they were awesome, as always! The opening act, “My Brightest Diamond” was also amazing. Tripp called and told me to be careful; there’s a lot of people up in Asheville into witchcraft and voodoo, a lot of those “Gothics”!! So cute. I told him “I used to be one of those Gothics, you know!” Which was funny, because he used to date a Goth, so I don’t know what she did to spook him so bad! ;-P

The only witchcraft voodoo I encountered was the Italian starter motor in my Japanese bike. It’s been a little crabby. I can’t say cranky, cuz for a starter motor, cranky is good, right? I mean, the whole purpose of a starter motor is to crank the engine over. Which mine refused to do after about an hour of driving around in circles trying to find the BIGGEST tourist attraction in Asheville. I got impatient (I know, uncharacteristic for me!) and tried to start it up right after pumping gas, instead of giving the bike a few minutes to cool down. That got the battery weak enough that no amount of cooling down would start it. So I called the bike shop I’d seen nearby, and they were kind enough to send out a man with a bike battery to jump mine. It worked, and I followed (OK, led, I knew where it was, so why follow someone?) him back to the shop.

The folks at MR Motorcycles are the BEST!!! Because I was (a biker on the road, and a damsel in distress) hell-bent on getting to my hotel in Robbinsville at a reasonable hour, they stopped everything and thoroughly diagnosed my bike, while also charging up the battery. Turns out it’s the starter motor. So lame. It’s only got like 20,000 miles on it! Yet everyone seems to think that’s about right. I guess they don’t build them to withstand 20,000 miles of daily riding, running errands, making multiple stops, etc. Jeesh. So the dillema arose, should I run home, tail between my legs, hoping to god it doesn’t give out permanently? Or should I soldier on, starter motor be damned?

Well, I think his name was TJ or something like that, insisted I continue on my trip, while the Service Dep’t guys were kinda hesitant. I made TJ promise to come get me if it died completely. Well, it didn’t, and because I let the bike cool down completely each time I stopped, we made it through Tennessee and back home without failure. But I did miss out on the Biltmore Estate, so I may drag my parents out there for Turkey day, I think it’d be a fun place to go for that.


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