Life in North Carolina

School is hard, just like they promised. but some classes are do-able, while one is unbearable. This evil man wants us to know calculus. hahahaha. Calculus hurts my brain. I was gonna tell him about my 5 concussions and use that as an excuse for crying when my study teammate showed me a derivative function thingy. But today the teacher said he’s had 2 concussions. As an excuse for being a young absent-minded professor. Whatev. I’m in pain.

I have a giant 1/2″ gash in the (new, of course) rear tire of my R1, which I heard pop when I left the apartment complex but couldn’t discern the cause of the noise over the music I was playing. So I got to the turn off for school and realized I had a flat tire. It was soon completely flat, so kinda hard to make the next couple turns. It’s still in the school garage 2 days later, as the hole was so big the plug isn’t holding much air. Tomorrow I’ll load it onto the 4runner and go buy a new tire.

The good news is I told the slumlords about the plethora of broken glass and nails I (later) discovered in the parking lot and suggested they clean it up. They not only comiserated, but said they’d submit an incident report and see if the owners would give me $$$ for a new tire. That would be cool. I can’t wait to move out of the ghetto. The new apt. mgr called and asked if I’d be willing to take a 2nd fl unit in a different building. But she prefaced it with this story about how the current tenant of the unit they promised me is trying to reconcile with his ex wife and shit and wants another 6 months. Oh hell no. I am not taking an inferior apt because of someone else’s bullshit romance problems. It’s bad enough his wife has to suffer, why should I have to suffer too?

OK, now I have a date with Dr. Who and then a nice hot bath, which is a lame substitute for a jacuzzi, but hey, it’s better than a cold shower!

Oh, and I got an iphone. It’s pretty cool, even though it uses apple’s fucking lame-ass bullshit address book, and is missing a lot of really useful and important apps and functions.


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