Since I can’t keep posting about caclulus…

Well ok, maybe I can. I came up with a good analogy, because I’m with Erin in NYC this weekend and I do all my best thinking when I’m with Erin.

“Trying to make me learn Calculus is like trying to make a cat swim.”

So that’s the last I’ll say about it. Today was a banner day. I love NY. It’s so great to be back! I got to drive all fast and aggressive, cut people off, yell, curse, and generally cut loose! Kinda glad I brought the car after all.

Turns out I showed up in time to hit the Barney’s warehouse sale. Also turns out they had the dress I almost bought at full price at Barney’s in Bev Hills. But it wasn’t available in my size and I am now mature and sensible enough to not buy a $3800 dress that’s 2 sizes too small, no matter how cool it is. So I let it go. But it came back! And, I kid you not, 90% off. Yes, I paid $380 for a dress that’s 2 sizes too small, but it’s soooooo cool. I will find a way to make it work.

And I also got a gorgeous black suit that was much cheaper and a nice girl tee to put under my sheer blouses for those corporate gigs. So it was awesome. The sticker shock came when we got to the garage and it was $40 for like 3 hours!!!! Insane. I’ve been in LA too long, so I almost had a heart attack, but Erin insisted that parking in Chelsea hasn’t been $20 in centuries. Plus I had the bike on the back so they charged oversize vehicle rate even though the place was empty. As we pulled out, there was a brand new Bentley looking for street parking, and Erin said that was gonna be me someday. Sure, I’ll blow my wad on something I can take with me, but something as transient and impermanent as a parking space? hell no.

Then we went to Jersey and I dropped my 250 off with Armen so he can bring it back to life, then went to IKEA so Erin could finally get a sofa. Almost got sketched out in IKEA, but managed to maintain. Took Erin home, got a miracle parking space, then took a car service to PS1 for the last dance of the summer. It was awesome, I saw some great art, heard some seriously evocative music, and ran into an old friend and we got to catch up over delicious thai food.

Then went to the EV to find Janet and hang out, ran into her and Liz on the way to where she said she’d be, and we walked to Chelsea, which was fun, but really painful as my feet are not accustomed to walking so much so I can’t do it in the shoes I used to be able to do it in. So sad. And now it’s time for bed. More tomorrow, after it happens. I still have some homework to do sometime this weekend…


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