But I have a garage!

And it’s all mine! Well, OK, so I don’t own it, but hey, that just means I won’t get stuck with it when I’m ready to leave here. Man, it’s so nice having my very own garage. I love it. Although 2 of my babies are at the doctor’s right now, the R1 should be back home by next weekend. Yaay! Been riding the Husky around and man, it vibrates in the creepiest, most uncomfortable way. Unfortunate, really. So I’ve been spending more time in the cage than I like, but it’s not as upsetting here as it was in LA. Regarding traffic there’s not quite as much of a difference between the two, while in LA it was night and day! Plus the roads around here are just plain DULL. I think the nearest twisty road is Deal’s Gap, 300 miles away. But I’m gonna ride with some locals and see what the hell they’re talking about.

Went to an awesome party Sat night at my friend’s farm. She has 40 acres (no mule, though) and a whole mess o’ free-range organic pigs. They’re soooooooooo cute! And she has a lake that she calls a “pond” and lives in a rad converted tobacco barn. Man, it was cool. We had a bonfire by the lake, ate grass-fed steaks and talked about the beaver problem. To which I presented the beaver solution. In these warm climes, people aren’t familiar with consumer preferences in fur and I pointed out that there’s quite a market for beaver fur. Even more so for “free-range, organic” (wild) beaver. We sat around and tried to think up ways to accidentally/humanely kill the pests, then when I got home I did a little reasearch and found the local trapper chapter.

So then I went out dancing with a couple guys from school and we made our way along the entire (segment worth seeing on a Saturday night) length of Franklin and wound up at this club with an awesome DJ who was actually doing a few mashups LIVE on vinyl! Which is much harder than doing them solely on computer, and thus very impressive. He’s djpez on myspace if you’re curious. Seems half the B-school was at this club too, so it was a little weird. I’m not one to mix business and pleasure, especially as long as women are still judged by different standards than men. But they all swore they still respected me even after I tore off all my clothes and danced on the bar.

Just kidding, mom, you know I wouldn’t do that. Dance on the bar, sure, but not naked. Although the only time I actually danced on a bar was at Hogs n’ Heifers, a bar in NYC where they don’t have a dance hall permit, so if you start to dance in the crowd (and they made it impossible to resist, baiting me with Chuck Berry) the bartendress pulls out a megaphone and demands you get on the bar and dance. So I did, with a couple of the bartendresses. It was fun! Anyway, I know people say the sexual revolution happened and fixed all that, but I know it’s not true.

Listen to as many 15 year old kids as I have, and you realize that sexual discrimination is alive and well. In the Planned Parenthood classes I taught, we had a brainstorming session where the students would come up with reasons a teen would choose abstinence or intercourse. “Reputation” always came up in both columns, and I would watch these kids grapple with the concepts that a girl could choose intercourse and not be a slut or that a boy could choose abstinence and not be gay. For some of them it was as unbelievable as saying “Hip Hop was invented by Martians as a method of mind control to subjugate you.” And everybody knows that grad school is just like high school. At least it’s nothing like fashion school, that’s for sure!


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