Git yer war on…

My friend Vildmark just turned me on to this, and I love it! More here:

But these are my favorites:

So I survived the Deloitte Case Competition. It was an amazing test of teamwork and endurance, but we did it. I’m really proud of my team, especially because I didn’t have to barricade the door like some women did (seems men are more likely to throw in the towel?). My team struggled through the “let’s give up” phase while I had stepped out to change and feed the cat at 6am. Lucky for them, they called me 15 minutes before the deadline to tell me they wanted to give up. I guess I expressed the depth of my wrath effectively, because they followed my instructions and went ahead and submitted it. I haven’t stayed up all night since I was a wee one, and I’m so glad we saw it through to the end.

there was something else, but I forgot. I’m going back to sleep now.


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