So I finally figured out why…

I am going to be single forever. After three long, miserable weeks of separation, I finally got to pick him up from the doctor. I didn’t want to take him in in the first place, but it got to the point where he seriously could not get out of bed. I neglect him horribly, never wash him, and resent having to take him in for any maintenance whatsoever. But I was so very happy to see his little nose peeking out from behind some others when I went to get him. I missed him so much.

I chose this one not only for his power and exceptional handling, but also because of his reputation for being extremely low-maintenance, unlike previous ones. That’s important to me. Especially in a motorcycle. But now I see. I see the water spots still there from the long ride cross country in the rain on the open trailer. 4 months ago. I see the brown carbon haze all over his tail section. I see the scratches and the stickers and the general air of neglect and abuse that hangs over him.

And then I see the shiny, new, never-been-ridden models crowding the showroom floor. They seduce me with their clean, shiny metal. They seem to say “take me! I’ll never get dirty and need to be washed! I’m new and improved!” Damn. Why not just keep riding them till they’re all used up, throw them away, and buy a brand new one? It’s so much easier than doing all that tedious maintenance…

forgetting for the moment that I care about sustainability and all that…


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