A New York Moment

I tell him: “I only came to NYC shop.” So he says: “you must like 8th st, all those shoe stores.” I reply, “there’s only one shoe store on 8th st, Petit Peton. But I can’t go there. They sell all the most fabulous stillettos, and the boys in my class can’t handle it.

“Handle what?” he asks? I reply, “A 6′ tall woman towering over them in 6″ heels. I’ve heard it’s intimidating or something…” He tells me we should hang out sometime, that I can’t possibly have heels high enough to intimidate him.

With that sort of motivation (not like it would have taken much to convince me to buy them), I picked these up the next day, at the only shoe store on 8th st: best of all, they were half price, after i’ve been drooling over them on the website for months!


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