vacation time…

Some people relax and unwind by laying on a beach. Not me. It only took a few days of slicing through the crowded sidewalks of NYC, walking until I can barely stand, soaking up all that I can of the greatest city on earth, and I feel so relaxed and happy now. The shoes may have helped a little, but I’m past the point where a good she purchase is a lasting source of happiness. I know exercise is the thing I most lack in my suburban lifestyle in NC, so all this walking has really done me good. Man, it gets harder to go back to the country after each visit. BUt I know a big reason it’s so fun is that I am a tourist. It’s so much easier to visit here than live here. But then perhaps when I return, it’ll be like the prodigal son, who wandered away, and is so happy to be back in the fold, that all the greivances (walking a few blocks to a shared garage, no pool, etc) will pale in comparison to the luxuries I miss so much (walking everywhere, fabulous people, fabulous architecture, awesome food at all hours of the night, delivery of ANYTHING, anytime, freshdirect, etc…)


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