What happens in Hotlanta…

Stays in Hotlanta. Man, it was interesting though. I could write about the things I saw at Twisted Taco that night. But it would be pure fiction… 😉 Not like it was anything particularly unusual, just a bunch of hard-working people unwinding. I mean, really unwinding.

I think my description (backed up by the reality at the bar) of Atlanta as “filled with gorgeous, desperate, single women, and with more strip clubs per square mile than any other US city” did more to influence the unmarried guys to come work in ATL than any of the presentations we saw. One even told me so; that after a night at the Twisted Taco, ATL seemed like a much more attractive option than it had.

Not sure I’d want to be a single female there, but it’s a fun city and it sure was nice to have brunch at the Flying Biscuit. I won’t be staying at 5 points again, though. It was like Fulton St. in Brooklyn, but with an overpriced boutique hotel. And the taxis charge a flat rate of $8 for any trip within the city center, so the 3 block ride to the metro cost as much as a 10 minute ride to somewhere else. Jeesh.


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