One week into this….

and already I’m sick. 😦 Strategy teacher was coughing all over me. OK, so it’s not cool to sit in the front row, but I didn’t know it could be bad for my health, too! Not as much icky math this mod, but a ton of reading, all of which I intend to do. As well as ALL the suggested practice stuff for Finance. I am determined to emerge from this process an EXPERT in corporate valuation! It’s an interesting challenge anyway. Went out to the halloween party even though I should have stayed in bed. It was kinda worth it. I got to wear some of the stuff I love but never wear because people don’t get it. So my outfit told me it represented “The Fragility of Desire” so that was my costume. Because desire is indeed so terribly fragile. The slightest character flaw can completely ruin a new love. Even though the dj sucked, he was nice enough to play a couple songs off my ipod. And he also played Time Warp, which was amazing. I can’t believe it was 22 years ago (near a quarter century!!!) that I was rockin’ out to that…

Flashback time:

Growing up in Suburbia, USA was painfully dull, and I wasn’t old enough to (drive) get permission to go into the city (San Fran) every weekend, so I’d sneak out, take the last bus to the mall, and watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But I didn’t just watch it, and of course, it’s not just a movie. Somehow I managed to wrangle myself a spot on the “cast” as Magenta, so there I was, 14-15 years old and rockin’ out in front of an audience in my black lacy/sequin undergarments. It was so much fun! The regulars I performed and hung with were so great. I always got a safe ride home. No idea why I never pursued a career in performing arts. Well, all the world’s a stage, really. Especially during recruiting season. Jeesh.

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