Why didn’t they have this program so I could apply to it??? It’s right up my alley! Man, I would have rocked that joint! ;-P

From Economist.com:


Perhaps because “master’s programme in mathematics in finance” sounds a bit dull, New York University’s Stern School of Business is advertising its new joint degree as the “super-quant degree”, whose holders will be able to get jobs on Wall Street faster even than a speeding bullet might. Students enrolled in the programme, co-hosted by Stern and NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, will earn both an MBA and a master’s of science in mathematics in finance, in only three years, by taking courses at both institutions.

The programme is scheduled to commence in the autumn of 2008. Courant notes that while work experience is not required for admission (prospective students must apply to both degree programmes separately), they do expect to find in each good applicant an understanding of multivariate calculus, linear algebra and the Gaussian distribution.

hahahahahaha. just kidding, duh! MY school made the news much higher on the list, and with much more interesting news. Instead of teaching us how to help a few rich people get richer, we’re doing stuff like this:

Providing solutions

The University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School has joined an initiative to provide greater access to safe drinking water. The Carolina Global Water Partnership, an alliance between the university’s schools of business and public health, is charged with exploring ways to increase the availability of new technologies, such as ceramic water filters. Kenan-Flagler hopes to help identify ways in which private firms, including entrepreneurs working with microfinance loans, might be able to facilitate distribution. The first phase of research is tentatively set to take place in the Mekong region of South-East Asia.


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