Man, that last one was brutal. But then, everyone else said it was too, so I’ll go with “social proof” as my answer. I just hope letting the teacher know I was at the b-ball game last night wasn’t a bad idea. I did study a ton, it’s just that I swear I’m dyslexic when it comes to numbers. The calculations just dance around on the page and I can’t remember what goes where and the pressure! I’m just so glad it’s over and next mod is going to be much easier. Plus I’ll finally get to take the classes I really came here for! Sustainable Enterprise, Global Context of Business, etc. Much more interesting to me.

But not before 2 fabulous weeks in CA with the ol’ family of origin. I plan to escape to LA for a few days, stopping in Big Sur at some point for some much-needed R&R. That’ll be nice. Well, I think I should turn this giant black rectangle on and see what it’s been holding for me over the past month. I should rip some shows and watch them on the flight home, as I’ve been a good girl and watched almost no TV this mod.

cross posting this from one of the smart guys:

My Operations Exam experience

If yours was anything like mine, you’ll probably find this funny…

(read in order)






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