catching up…

hmmm, bit of a backlog here. Spent 6 hours at RDU waiting to escape to CA. Magnus made the first hour pass very pleasantly: So I’m talking/ flirting with this (drunk) hottie at the airport, he asks me if I think he’s attractive, so I answer “yeah, totally… for a white guy,” partly cuz its true but also because the rebel flag patch on his jacket makes me wonder how racist he is.

He’s taken aback, saying he’s never heard that…and that he hadn’t pegged me for that type. Which isn’t the first time I’ve heard that. So I wonder, what does jungle fever look like? Am I supposed to dress like a whigger? Maybe gain 200lbs and run around in hot pants? What do people expect? Not that I want to change, I actually find it entertaining to see the confusion in their faces when they realize I don’t fit their pre-conceived notions.


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