Possibly for the first time ever, I didn’t ask for or want anything from my family. Most likely, this is due to the significant pile I made in real estate 6 months ago, and the ability it has given me to spoil myself, but still. It was nice to not have to go through the whole drama. I didn’t even have to stress about being the only single person on Xmas AM while everyone else was with their SO’s, because my mom invited me to volunteer with her, and we got to think about other people at what has been my least favorite time of the day, since my brothers got married. I was happy and just enjoying the day, for a change. Toward the end, though, I wondered (cue Peggy Lee) “Is that all there is?” Adulthood. It’s just not as exciting as being a spoiled little brat, at least not on Christmas.



  1. I actually like it better in some ways — the lack of stress is nice. I get gifts for who I want to, and dont. Mostly, I give money to charities in the names of my friends. My friends are starting to do this too! its really very sweet of them and makes me feel better about the whole commercial thing on a holiday that isnt even mine.
    I do like xmas trees tho!


    • totally! I am starting to do a little charity gifting, but it’s hard to break tradition. It’s coming, though, as all the stuff just seems increasingly useless! And I do love the trees too. I bought one just for the smell, even though I didn’t bother to decorate it.


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