My future

Nice! It seems I’m prepared for the zeitgeist. According to this article:

and the book I’m reading “A Whole New Mind,” the future needs people like me. People who have been happily nurturing their creative “side” all along. People with design educations and experience, and good business sense, and for maximum (shareholder) value, people with a damn good business edumacation. Yep, that’s me. So how many of these g-d resumes and cover letters do I have to send out before the universe places me in the position where I can be of maximum service? Bleh. It’s been so long since I had to hustle for work, I’ve become spoiled. I’m so used to people recruiting me, and being able to pick who I want to work with, this aspect of changing careers is brutally painful. I suspect it’d be so much easier to just start my own company, but I await inspiration. Still no word from my dream job, and I submitted (even the jargon is so wrong) to them over a month ago. Now I have to tap friends of friends on Linked in, 97 of which have worked for this company, and see if I can get some answers.


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