New Years Eve…

Feeling like Peggy Lee again, and sick as a dog, I went ahead with it. But only because I had bought the tickets in advance, and well, anything’s better than being a 30-something loser at home with one’s parents on NYE. Sick or not, I had to do my part as a single woman and go out on NYE. Even though I have long since abandoned any sense of hope or expectation, I still go out. Mainly because it’s an excuse to dress up. The party was “Sea of Dreams” and the invitation instructed us to dress as our dream. So I wore a dress 2 sizes too small. Not that I dream of losing weight, but I did for many years, and it’s a popular dream. But the real reason it was too small is here: Anyway, I managed not to rip it, and could even sit down. but I couldn’t dance very well, so that was a bummer. Pix forthcoming.

Survived the whole midnight thing, which I always hate because I never have anyone I want to kiss and fer crissakes, it’s just another moment in time. I don’t place that much importance on measures of time, because each moment runs into the next. And maybe time isn’t even linear, anyway. HeatherVescent introduced me to that idea, and at first I was all “no way!” but after reading “A Briefer History of Time,” and becoming a Dr. Who FREAK, I get it. But it makes things like NYE kinda pointless. Although, this year I actually have a resolution. After having spent all day yesterday in bed recuperating, as I finally succumbed to the flu, and crippled from my 100 mile Sunday ride, I have resolved to start exercising regularly. I have to. It’s ridiculous that my quads are so weak they can’t handle a little spirited jaunt through Malibu.

and one I really need to remember, when those Peggy Lee moments hit:


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