More genius divination from Rob Brezny

Rob Brezny pinned it again. And it’s a great motivator. Just tonight I sketched the very first outline for my big plan that’s going to revolutionize the world. The garment manufacturing world, that is. And then I come home and Rob tells me to stay on topic. Kinda scary though, because commitment to one path means what am I missing on the other paths??? I like having options, being able to wander off in the direction of the next shiny object. Since he’s talking about my half-baked notions, I’ll limit this to business. I have zero notions about my other driving desires. Even though I learned a shocking fact in Ethics class today. Something like 60% of couples met/ started dating at work?!? Where have I been? Oh, that’s right. In an industry predominantly comprised of straight women and gay men. Not exactly a romance incubator.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): I urge you to spend 2008 turning all of your
pretty good but half-developed notions into a few brilliant, fully formed
ideas. While you’re at it, melt down your hundreds of wishy-washy wishes
and recast them into three driving desires. This is the Year of Pinpoint
Aim, Aries, also known as the Year of Lasering Your Focus and the Year of
Seeing with Fierce Clarity. Psyche yourself up for a major campaign to cut
the crap so the essence can shine.

Three driving desires:

1. stop exploitation of humans and other resources in manufacturing consumer products
2. create economically and ecologically sustainable jobs in African countries that fit with the local culture
3. have fun doing it

Fortunately, I have one idea that might be able to cover all three. But who knows. At least I don’t expect too much. If I even convince one company to fix one thing, that will be exciting.


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