Ah, the glamorous life…

Here in North Cackalack. This is from our sworn arch-enemies, but I must admit, it’s awesome. And true, to some extent. Most B-schools have an average of 30% women. Which I like, because I get nervous if I’m in a room full of women. I remember leaving some clubs in NYC because the doormen went too far with the girl ratio and it was like being at a knitting class or something. Enjoy!



  1. Terrific…do you think that was a senior project or something? I really want to know if someone got class credits for this. At U of U law school, we had a Jurisprudence prof who let us do an art piece to “express how we felt about the law.” I did a law school version of Allen Ginsberg’s HOWL featuring my fellow classmates.


    • Well, it’s a FuquaVision production, which is out of the MBA class, so I don’t know. Maybe a marketing class? But I think they just do these for fun. 2nd year (It’s a 2 year degree) MBA students don’t do much but party and network, so they have plenty of time to make videos…


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