I am never buying scallops again

They’re super yummy and so easy to cook. But it’s the most cruel form of torture I can possibly inflict on my cat. Poor Vale. He gives me his MOST plaintive whines when I cook scallops. I’d hate to be him. So I made it up to him tonight. He was trying desperately to catch a moth through the window. But we all know how difficult it is for a cat to reach through glass. So the moth was resting on the patio furniture and I went out a pinched his innocent little wing between my fingers, brought him (I’m making gender assumptions here, I know) and threw him to my cat. Vale was so happy, I think I’ll do it again! In other news, I think its time I saw a doctor about this sinus problem I’ve had for the past month. This is entirely too long to be sick, however mildly.


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